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Full Swing Home Golf Simulator

Mark Twain famously once said that golf is ‘a good walk, spoiled’. Here’s the perfect gift for the golfer who’s too lazy (or busy) to walk up and down fairways looking for his ball.

This giant simulator brings the golf course to your living room. Provided you’ve got a 20 foot wide living room wall that’s 10 foot high. And good luck getting it through the door!

It features 80 championship courses, a live and fluid environment, multiple camera angles, real time daylight, and highly complex object collision models make this unquestionably the most life like and enjoyable indoor golf experience available. Additional features include a completely customizable interactive practice facility, a 3D green analyzer, on-screen advertising, and the ability to compete online against players worldwide.

Never again ruin a good walk looking in the nettles for that drive you shanked into the rough. Or have to dress up in silly trousers and caddy your clubs for 18 holes in the rain. Play the PGA in your PJ’s. All for just £50,000.

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